Theme Overview: Disaster Relief & Recovery

“What comes the day after a disaster?” That’s the question one of the authors for this theme begins by wondering. For those of us not directly in the wake of natural disasters and not actively involved in relief work, the drama of a recent hurricane or landslide might seem artificially short-lived. We see the news-stories … Continue reading Theme Overview: Disaster Relief & Recovery

Theme Overview: Accessibility & Inclusivity

When we talk about justice, we often emphasize the need for everyone to have a seat at the table, the resources they need, or a voice in the conversation. All of these things are particularly important to consider if we aim to make space for disabled or otherwise differently-abled individuals. What does justice mean for … Continue reading Theme Overview: Accessibility & Inclusivity

Theme overview: Music for social expression

Music is a powerful motivator and articulator for social expression. It crosses linguistic, political, and cultural boundaries, and can be both aesthetic and functional. How one learns, what one learns, who one chooses to listen to and emulate--all of these things can be powerful metaphors for how we practice justice in daily life and in … Continue reading Theme overview: Music for social expression