“The AAA of Justice:” What Makes Mentorship Work

Written by Kimani Francois //  One of the most vital acts of justice is mentorship. When I ponder the words “mentor” or “mentorship,” the words that come to mind are: wise counsel, experience, knowledge, and advice. The definition of mentorship is “a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps guide a less … Continue reading “The AAA of Justice:” What Makes Mentorship Work

Walking Humbly

Written by Gillian Henry //  Buses, trams, the metro screeching underground, pedestrian crosswalks streaming people. Snow boots, leather boots, Converse, sandals. Squeaking snow, slushing muck, puffing cottonwood, blowing dust. To school, to church, to friends', to the market. This was my every day. College freshmen. Classes rushing, cafeteria clanging, armchair studying, passing the weight room … Continue reading Walking Humbly