Seeing People: The Cry of Justice Screams “Worthy”

Written by Camilla Friend //  Under the beautiful mask of majestic mountains and quaint buildings lies the fragile and broken heart of the town of Stellenbosch. With one of the highest Gini coefficients (a statistical measurement of inequality) in South Africa, where the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor live in close … Continue reading Seeing People: The Cry of Justice Screams “Worthy”

Walking Humbly

Written by Gillian Henry //  Buses, trams, the metro screeching underground, pedestrian crosswalks streaming people. Snow boots, leather boots, Converse, sandals. Squeaking snow, slushing muck, puffing cottonwood, blowing dust. To school, to church, to friends', to the market. This was my every day. College freshmen. Classes rushing, cafeteria clanging, armchair studying, passing the weight room … Continue reading Walking Humbly

Making Art for Hope and Healing

Written by Kit Ripley // Many people think that being an artist is frightening. They are afraid to paint because they hear the accumulated voices of teachers and critics who disparaged their creative efforts until their inborn spark of creativity was smothered by negativity.  Some people think that artists are antisocial or emotionally unstable, citing … Continue reading Making Art for Hope and Healing