Economics Upside Down: A Conversation with Andrew Trump

A Conversation with Andrew Trump //  SC: Andrew, can you tell us about your journey and work in Cambodia, the Philippines, and Hawaii? Andrew:  I graduated with a degree in Economics from Wheaton [Wheaton College, IL], and, during my senior year, I spent six months in rural Cambodia interning for an organization that did agricultural … Continue reading Economics Upside Down: A Conversation with Andrew Trump

Full & Meaningful Living

Written by Amy Early //  What people groups come to mind when I say the following words: Health disparity? Implicit bias? Discrimination? If you’re like many, your thoughts probably first turned to racial and ethnic minorities. After that, you might have considered gender, age, maybe even sexual orientation. All of these are incredibly important and … Continue reading Full & Meaningful Living

Ritual & Risks in Ethiopian Coffee Ceremonies

Written by Chris Keil //  I am seated with new friends and acquaintances in a small main room of a small home in Ethiopia. A wonderful mix of smells swirls around the group as we chat about family, professional projects, and world affairs. The fragrance of burning eucalyptus charcoal and incense permeates the space. Soon, … Continue reading Ritual & Risks in Ethiopian Coffee Ceremonies

Walking Humbly

Written by Gillian Henry //  Buses, trams, the metro screeching underground, pedestrian crosswalks streaming people. Snow boots, leather boots, Converse, sandals. Squeaking snow, slushing muck, puffing cottonwood, blowing dust. To school, to church, to friends', to the market. This was my every day. College freshmen. Classes rushing, cafeteria clanging, armchair studying, passing the weight room … Continue reading Walking Humbly