Walking Humbly

Written by Gillian Henry //  Buses, trams, the metro screeching underground, pedestrian crosswalks streaming people. Snow boots, leather boots, Converse, sandals. Squeaking snow, slushing muck, puffing cottonwood, blowing dust. To school, to church, to friends', to the market. This was my every day. College freshmen. Classes rushing, cafeteria clanging, armchair studying, passing the weight room … Continue reading Walking Humbly

“Not Fit to Scoop Poop”: A Rallying Cry to Youth

Written by Katharina Depenthal & Madison Gent // Katharina: When I was 14 years old, I was extremely eager to go and volunteer at our local animal shelter.  My mother drove me over to go and inquire about their policy for teen volunteers.  Once I got there and asked the woman at the register about volunteering, … Continue reading “Not Fit to Scoop Poop”: A Rallying Cry to Youth

Should We Stay or Should We Go?

Written by Alex & Lynn Jones //  “Alex, why do you live in the ‘hood?” my incredulous cousin asked during our (Alex and Lynn) wedding weekend. We graduated from college with a strong sense of intentionality: We moved with several of our friends to Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood to continue exploring themes of race, justice, … Continue reading Should We Stay or Should We Go?

Theme Overview: Justice as a Lifestyle

“Where do you walk? Who are your friends? Where do you go? What kind of everyday are you accustoming your children to?” Whether we have children or not, these questions—posed by Gillian Henry in her story “Walking Humbly”—are ones worth pondering. “Everyday” is the key word here: What kinds of impacts are caused by the … Continue reading Theme Overview: Justice as a Lifestyle