Cyanea Poon

Co-founder; Publishing Coordinator

Cyanea is a story-carrier. She likes listening to stories and letting stories be heard, especially voices that are often silenced and go unheard. She especially likes to capture the stories as visual images, and her computer is stocked with photographs from the crowded streets of Hong Kong, the mountains of Chiang Mai, the skyscrapers at Chicago, and the waves of Lake Superior. She looks at numbers and equations on a daily basis, but she can always find time to listen to your story over a snack of your choice.

Johanna Depenthal

Co-founder; Outreach Coordinator

Johanna is an observer and learner. Fascinated by the natural and social world alike, she loves pointing out the minute behavior of insects and striking up long conversations with strangers. During her most recent plane flights, she learned a great deal about Puerto Rican environmental regulations and diesel engines on cargo ships from her seatmates. Her greatest accomplishment of the past year is learning to drive stick-shift.

Sarah Han


Sarah is an avid listener. She loves finding points of connection, whether it is between ideas, people, or cultures. She enjoys dissecting assumptions in ordinary circumstances and what they reveal about our values and beliefs. Her sense of home has been built from pieces of people and places around the world, so one of the hardest questions you can ask her is “Where are you from?”

Emily Sargent


Emma is a listener and an aspiring writer. She loves learning as much as possible about the stories in the people and places around her; most recently, this has meant gaining an in-depth knowledge of ice cream production and hearing from her grandfather about life in pre-electrified rural Vermont. In her spare time, Emma enjoys hiking, drinking coffee, and sporadically attempting to learn the guitar.

Emily Lund


Emily is a believer (who has lots of questions) and a Pacific Northwesterner (who is currently making the most of the Midwest). She loves the satisfactory sensation of a story told truthfully and a sentence strung well: when she has to put the book down or look away from the screen and just take a slow breath or two. This perhaps is why she wrote scores of her own storybooks as a kid and why she studied English in college. Now she reads and edits other people’s words as an assistant editor at a magazine in the Chicago suburbs.

Sarah Kenny


Sarah is a connector and communicator. She loves to provide others with the resources they need to succeed. You can find her sharing everything from study guides to recipes to great book recommendations. Though her Bachelors was in Writing, she is now doing post-graduate work in communication sciences and disorders.

Kaija Nivala

Database Manager

Kaija is inquisitive and a connector. She loves asking questions and discovering new points of connection between people, places, and ideas. Kaija enjoys getting people together in new places and challenging perspectives and ideas over good food. Cities are her passion; since last Spring, she has traveled to 8 major cities in 4 different countries.

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