Theme Overview: Migration

In national and international stories about migration, it’s not uncommon for statistics, policies, and political leaders to star as lead characters. Meanwhile, many of us encounter a very different migration story in everyday life — one that centers our friends, neighbors, communities, or perhaps ourselves. 

Two U.S.-based writers are inviting us to look at the national narrative through a different lens, focusing on place and proximity. One is a retired professor leading activism efforts in a Florida college town; the other is the daughter of an immigrant who recently embarked on a journey to better understand the experiences of her Central American neighbors. Both stories bridge the local and the international, calling us to join with neighbors across the street and across our borders.

  • Richard MacMaster describes the story behind the Interfaith Alliance for Immigrant Action in Florida, and how local activism figures into the national narrative.
  • Marissa Salgado writes about how her faith and a journey to Central America have shaped her understanding of what it means to be a neighbor.

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