Theme Overview: Reconciliation & Peacemaking

True peace of any kind is difficult to find and harder to keep. It’s also one of the clearest markers of a healthy community. It’s worth working for. In this section, three authors reflect on what it looks like to “make” peace — to bring healing and new life into broken places.

final-grey Kayla Slagter writes about the tough work of peacebuilding that continues long after outright conflict is resolved, specifically reflecting on the reconciliation work that followed the Rwandan genocide.

final-grey Marcus McAllister speaks about his work with Cure Violence, an organization that seeks to “interrupt violence” within cities around the world, and about how he has seen peacemaking become contagious.

final-grey Julia Sendor shares the story of Anathoth Community Garden & Farm, an agricultural center that aims to bring healing into a land and a culture marred by racial violence and division.

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