Theme overview: Music for social expression

Music is a powerful motivator and articulator for social expression. It crosses linguistic, political, and cultural boundaries, and can be both aesthetic and functional. How one learns, what one learns, who one chooses to listen to and emulate–all of these things can be powerful metaphors for how we practice justice in daily life and in various sectors of society. These two pieces profoundly articulate the ways in which music both infuses our personal lives and acts as conductors for justice in the larger culture.

Grace Wong’s piece explores the way a certain technique and school within musical tradition can teach us ways to better listen to and interact with one another.

Kristi Seehafer offers a moving account of what Violins of Hope is all about, as well as her own personal involvement with the organization. Through the question and answer narration, she gives a glimpse into the way musical instruments themselves can become instruments of justice and redemption.

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