Policy & Law: Learning to Use the Tools That Build Our Context

Policy, law, and politics in general can sometimes seem more complicated than they’re worth. For many of us, the laws that govern us remain somewhat mysterious and abstract — we know they shape our world, but we don’t always have the energy to think about how and why. The two writers who contributed to this theme remind us that policy matters in tangible ways and on an individual basis. They invite us to look beyond the red tape and endless news cycle. If we can learn to think about how law affects marginalized communities, perhaps we can also join those communities in using law as a tool to shape the world around us.

final-grey Kelsey Rowland reflects on the intersections between environmental law, marginalized communities, and political empowerment.

final-grey Joshua Moreno shares what he’s learned about citizenship and advocacy by working with nonprofits and individuals alike in Chicago’s Little Village.

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