Theme Overview: Bodies, Earth, and Tables-The Life-Giving Power of Food

As human beings living in overlapping biological, ecological, and economical sectors, our relationships with food are often complicated ones. We eat for physical nourishment as well as for community, and we expend both natural and created resources in order to obtain food. As the following pieces artistically and truthfully show, food and life are inseparable. The food we eat is more than fuel. It’s also a way we can seek to do justice and give life — not just for our own bodies, but also for the bodies of others.

final-grey Anna Maria Márquez writes about how, though food can be both an act of gratification and an act of self-hatred, it has given her a redemptive journey toward healing and self-love.9

final-grey Emma Lietz Bilecky reflects on the way food can strengthen our relationship with place, and looks at the connections between local food and the land around us.

final-grey Ilan Bubb challenges readers to consider their reasons for eating meat, and gives his own reasons for pursuing a vegetarian diet.

final-grey Kelly Wilson describes how, in a country marked by malnutrition, her host mother’s life-giving food gave her hope.

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