Theme Overview: Family – How those closest to us teach and shape us

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the truth of what can seem like a cheesy Hallmark catch-phrase: family is what makes us who we are. These closest of all social bonds form in different and sometimes surprising ways, and can be for many of us our most consistent community. The writers in this section speak from different roles in various versions of families, but all reflect on how the people closest to us can teach us new truths and expand our capacity for love:

final-grey Nancy Langford reflects on how adoption has shaped her perspective on orphan care and made her family what it is today.

final-grey Katie Robinson writes about what she has learned from her newfound family at L’Arche, an inclusive living community for those both with and without intellectual disabilities.

final-grey Linda Chan Rapp shares the joys and challenges of raising her daughter with Down Syndrome, and more recently, watching her create an adult life; Eden Rapp also contributes with a poem on her side of the story.

final-grey Tracy Kristoff reflects on how her work as a Marriage and Family Therapist has convinced her of the sacredness of everyday human connections.


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