Theme Overview: Fighting Disparities & Examining Nuance in Healthcare

In recent years, the health sciences have begun to strongly consider the way cultural political, and socio-economic factors affect patients’ health. This consideration has led to many positive changes. Future health professionals are being trained in cultural sensitivity, and community health programs aimed at reducing healthcare disparities are making an impact across the country and world. The entries in this theme discuss how to take all of the above into the account in order to practice justice in the domain of physical health.

final-grey Amy Early helps run an intervention program for Latino youth and young adults with disabilities

final-grey Kalei Hosaka learns how health is affected by socio-economic factors while working with a community health clinic that serves patients with HIV in Delhi

final-grey Chris Keil participates in an Ethiopian coffee ceremony and examines the health risks of this cultural practice while also discussing the tension between healthcare and cultural sensitivity

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