Theme Overview: Justice as a Lifestyle

“Where do you walk? Who are your friends? Where do you go? What kind of everyday are you accustoming your children to?”

Whether we have children or not, these questions—posed by Gillian Henry in her story “Walking Humbly”—are ones worth pondering. “Everyday” is the key word here: What kinds of impacts are caused by the seemingly small choices we make each day (from the soap we buy to the people we interact with)? And how might we think of the bigger choices—the apartments we rent, the organizations we support—in light of God’s heart for justice? These storytellers suggest some answers:

final-grey Lynn and Alex Jones write about the tensions of staying somewhere despite the discomfort

final-grey Katharina Depenthal and Madison Gent offer encouragement and practical tips for those who feel their age may limit their activism

final-grey Gillian Henry shares stories of her experiences of “doing justly and loving mercy” at home in Russia and at her college in suburban Chicago

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