Theme Overview: Migration-Hope & a Home in Transience

Some species of birds happily migrate twice a year. In contrast, humans migrate sporadically and generally reluctantly — as a species, we tend to favor roots over wings. In 2016, the UN Refugee Agency estimated that there were 65.6 million forcibly displaced people worldwide. The word “displaced,” of course, only addresses half of the journey; everyone ends up somewhere. What do these people do once they have been “resettled?”

The writers in this section all deal with different facets of that question as they strive to bring justice to those who have been displaced. From four very different parts of the world, they write about the desire for home that colors the universal human experience, and about the challenges people face when they are, as the UN puts it, “forcibly displaced.”

final-grey  Michelle Ng reflects on how Asylum Seekers, Refugees, and other immigrants develop community to make the diverse city of Hong Kong home.

final-grey  Ashleigh Gibb shares about her work with those who come to Bangkok, Thailand, only to become caught in a global sex trade.

final-grey  Matt Friedman speaks about the Mekong Club’s work, based in Hong Kong, offering support to companies committed to the anti-slavery, anti-forced labor movement.

final-grey  David Lui describes how he hopes to use his writing to help victims of human trafficking tell their stories.

final-grey  Dan Peterson provides a glimpse into his work in Illinois with newly arrived refugees and other immigrants in Illinois.

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