Theme Overview: Media’s Platform for Justice

Media: It’s a huge, nebulous word. We consume media each and every day, whether we’re scrolling through our Facebook feeds or hearing a song on the radio. We’re continuously creating and curating in our own ways and through our own platforms. But how can those platforms be used to elevate and awaken—whether we have 10 followers or 10,000? And how can our pages and screens inform the rest of our lives? Listen to these three storytellers offer their struggles and strategies—from the colorful world of comics to the trending topics of Twitter—and notice how issues of justice can sometimes weave themselves into the most unexpected places.

Marisa Tirado finds out justice through social media may be different than what you’d expect

Erik Thone discusses on what is behind “justice” statements on social media

Josh Fort responds to questions of expressing justice through web-based ZIP comics, seeking to bridge difference through storytelling

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