Theme Overview: Youth on a Quest

What place do youth hold in our communities? The word “youth” is often associated with being carefree or consumed with superficial problems. However, each of the authors below presents a far more complex perspective on youth. Their experiences working with young people reveal both the difficulties and the possibilities of this energetic demographic of youth as they mature from childhood to adulthood. Taken together, these articles present a stage of life that should not be diminished, but rather a time of growth that invites engagement in the active practice of justice.

final-grey   Carbo Leung reflects on how learning together can break down the fear and prejudice that often separate typical youth from those with special needs in Hong Kong.

final-grey  Christi Hymel offers a fresh and compassionate perspective on how mercy and justice coexist in her work with juvenile offenders.

final-grey  Sandra Gastañudi Torres writes about her efforts to promote peace through a social-environmental youth center in Trujilo, Peru.

Janice Leung shares about how traditional art forms help teens in a Syrian refugee camp begin to heal from traumatic experiences.

Brandon McNichol writes about the challenges and rewards of managing high school hospital volunteers from the inner city of Orlando, FL.

   Neftali Medina reflects back on a decade of experience developing leadership in youth and building an environment of inclusive unity in Winter Garden, FL.


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