Theme Overview: How Education Transforms

How does the work of education allow us to practice justice? Most of us know the nuts and bolts of the educational system — tests, desks, pencils, and locker rooms. For the teachers who have spoken into this conversation, however, school is primarily a community filled with people who challenge us. Each of these writers has been changed by interacting with other teachers and students. In these teachers’ worlds, education itself becomes a conversation — and that conversation transforms both students and teachers.

Aaron Rapp practices and advocates for justice at a college that serves students with disabilities

Lindsay Robinson sees opportunities “to provide justice even in small ways” as an inner city teacher in Chicago

Rosemarie Johnston wrestles with what is truly important to all her students when life takes her to the middle of nowhere in Wyoming

Patrick Kiernan contemplates on how people remember us as he closes up his first year of teaching in Ghana

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