Theme Overview: Hospitality Speaks

What is hospitality, exactly? The word may conjure up images of home-cooked meals, of neat hotel rooms. For the storytellers speaking into this conversation, hospitality is an opportunity: an outpouring of love and care expressed to all people. It’s not always tidy, of course, and these storytellers would be the first to tell you about the messes, the mishaps, and more. But from a hotel lobby to an Indonesian home, from a university in Hong Kong to a parsonage kitchen, hospitality speaks.

final-grey  Evangeline van den Berg discusses the increasing importance of showing hospitality to strangers in a world where we are taught independence and isolation.

final-grey  Eva Lee explores how hosting students from different countries around the world impacted her life.

final-grey  Heather Spanogle writes about the difficulties of extending and experiencing hospitality in Indonesia.

final-grey  Michael Wilson has a closer look at the definitions of justice through his experience as a hotel manager.